Raveron's Commissions

Hello, I'm Raveron. I'm a 22 year old newbie artist and have been actively doing art since middle 2020. I accept money commissions at a low price and can only do certain species. I'm hoping to one day to become a poplar furry artist and have been part of the Furry community since I was 13 years old. I used to go by ShadowWolfess so you might recognize me by that name.

Terms of Service

Terms of Service
By commissioning me, Raveron, you agree to my terms of service. Failure to follow my terms of service you may end up being on the "do not commission" list.

Refunds Policy
You will not get a refund if I have already started on your commission. If a financial emergency as arisen in your life, please contact me on any of the places I have listed below and I will happily give you a refund.
Notice: If you have commissioned me and asked for a refund more than 5 times, you will be listed as "do not commission" because this is really excessive for financial emergencies.

All artwork I have created, whether it be an adopt, commission or otherwise MUST have credit wherever you upload the piece(s). You can credit me on the following:
Note: I prefer to be credited on my Toyhouse, but feel free to credit me on my other social medias!

Wait Time
Please be patient with me while I do your commission. The wait time will vary depending on the piece you commissioned as well as the character you commissioned me for. The most time to wait is from 1 week to 1+ month. If an emergency arises in my life, I will let you know and try to give you an estimate on how long it'll take to finish your commission.

Work In Progress Request
You are more than welcome to ask for work in progress pictures. I will be sending the first one in the sketch stage to see how things are looking and if any changes are needed. You may request work in progresses as I continue on your commission. Please note that if I have moved passed the sketch stage and have not started coloring your commission and you want minor or major changes, an additional charge of $5 will be due.

I require a payment up front due to personal reasons and what I've seen abs heard from other artists. I am only accepting payment through PayPal as I do not have any other things for payments.

Age Requirement To Commission Me
All commissioners MUST be 18 years or older. I am sorry if you are under 18 and want to commission me, but I will not take commissions from minors for a few reasons.

Adopts and Premades
You cannot sell any adopts without my permission. If you are wanting to sell the adopt you purchased, please contact me first before selling! If you purchased a premade pose, room, pose set, etc. (For chatlands). You cannot include the price in the character your selling it with. It also will not grant the new owner of the character to use it anywhere without purchasing the premade themselves.

You have agreed to follow my TOS, it is your responsibility to follow them and to check my TOS regularly for any changes.

Failure To Follow My TOS
Failure to follow my TOS will result in a "do not commission" list. This means you will no longer be allowed to commission me, buy any adopts or premades from me, etc.

More terms of service will come when I see fit


Headshot: $4
Badge: $5
Halfbody: $6
Fullbody: $7
Lined Uncolored
Headshot: $4
Badge: $5
Halfbody: $6
Fullbody: $7
Lined & Colored
Headshot: $5
Badge: $10
Halfbody: $15
Fullbody: $20
Colored, Lined & Simple Shading
Headshot: $15
Badge: $15
Halfbody: $20
Fullbody: $25
Add Ons
Simple background (1-3 colors): +$3
Medium background (3+ colors): +$4
Scenic background (forest, etc.): +$20 or more
Horns/wings: +$10
Multiple limbs/eyes: +4
Accessories: +1 per accessory

You can see my art examples here


Please send the following form to my email which is the icon below (if it doesn't direct you to my email, my email is [email protected])

Social media usernames (TH, DA, FA, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) [Please list all applicable social media usernames]:
Type of commission (sketch, lined uncolored, lined colored, full scene, etc.):
Your PayPal:
Anything else you would like to add: